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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 12, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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maryland at this year's miss usa pageant. she is back home and here to tell us, what she learned from the competition. got to ask her what it was like the moment the winner was announced. we also want to find out how she plans to continue her humanitarian efforts. all right. all that and more coming up 9:00 a.m. hour first, tucker barnes in the weather center with a look at the rainy day. >> kind of right. >> yeah, not going to be perfect. we need the rain showers we will take them when we get them. most of your week will be just fine today definitely umbrella weather here to say as shower activities move in from the west all morning long. radar, you can see the shower activity across the region. there you go not so much in town, 95 corridor, generally quiet lots of rain out to the west, headed in our direction. we will have periods of rain and perhaps a thunder storm activity too, throughout your tuesday. as we show you the bigger picture, turning in that moisture from the south, see it
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picked up central virginia, moving north and east, lots of clouds around today, temperatures a little cooler than they have been. warm and muggy, high temperatures 80 degrees again we should be dealing with rain showers right through the evening rush hour. 72 degrees, check out humidity 87%, dew point temperatures running in the upper 60s not terribly comfortable outside winds out of the south 9 miles per hour here is your forecast today, showers in the forecast, umbrella. good looking 5 day, coming up in a couple minutes, back upstairs to both of you. thank you. some of our top story this is morning day 2 of testimony in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. victim one will take the stand today monday another alleged victim testified that the former penn state assistant football coach molested him in the locker room showerhotels. experts say the case is riding
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on the alleged victims. >> sexual accusation cases credibility of the accuser is paramount, of everything that goes on in a case like this. >> sandusky is expected to take the stand in his own defense. now he is facing 52 criminal counts, that include, sexually abusing ten boys over a 15 year period. the jury in the roger clemens purgery case should begin deliberating this afternoon closing arguments are expected to end today. on monday clemens told the judge, he would not testify in all jurors heard from 46 witnesses over 26 days of testimony, clemens is accused of lying to congress when he denied using, performancen hansing drugs during a hearing on capital hill in 2008. it is election day in virginia polls are now open on this primary day voters will choose a republican candidate for u.s. senate other races on the ballot include the u.s. house ditrick 8, democratic
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primary, -- district 8, democratic primary. also republican candidate will be chosen in district 11 to face democrat gerry connelly in the fall and voters in alexandria are choosing democratic candidates for city council, polls are open through 7:00 p.m. tonight >> chef >> president obama campaigns in baltimore and fill dell tea, the first command -- philadelphia, the first commander speaks at a private lunch in owings mills, guests paying town $50,000 each to attend the president holds a fundraisers, hosted by governor o'malley at the hyatt. tonight he heads to philadelphia to the franklin institute. that would be commander and chief i. know that. big day in arizona, voters will head to the polls, to figure out who serve it is rest of gabby giffords term. giffords herself helped set up
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the special election. giffords resigned back in january one year after she and 18 other people were shot at an event in tucson her husband mark says the election brings closure on her career in congress. commerce secretary, john bryson announced he will take a medical leave after an apparent see your that caused two car crashes. -- seizure that caused two car crashes. neurologists says the caused by neurons over firing, it leaves patients disoriented and tired. doug luzader, on the loss of the commerce secretary, temporarily. >> reporter: john bryson is taking a leave of absence. what happened to commerce secretary john bryson. the department says he only has limited recall of the series of car accidents he caused los angeles county over the weekend after apparently suffering a seizure. two days later the white house
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wassen initially unsure. >> obviously, we are concerned about the incident, concerned about secretary bryson's health related issues, that played a role in this incident. >> reporter: by the end of the day bryson was out. on medical leave. his responsibilities handed off to a deputy, it is one more difficulty for the white house as the president tries to regain footing on the economy. he is still trying to recover from comments last week that the private sector is doing fine. to help refuel the message he melt with a number of local tv reporters almost exclusively from swing states. we have been able to almost double, our investment in clean energy. >> reporter: that came on a day when the markets were tanking. the dow plummeted 143 points, with growing concerns about europe, just one more headache, for the white house.
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then there is the campaign to think about, the president will spend most of the day attending political fundraisers. in washington doug luzader, fox news. two business ownersic involved in a cigarette scandal -- owners involved in a cigarette scandal with jack january son will be spending time in prison. -- january son will be spending time in prison. >> investigation under way this morning after a 22-year-old man was hit be acsx train in rockville this was the scene late last night at randolph road near neville street. officers say and they have confirmed he was playing some sort of game on the tracks. the victim is in a coma but he is expected to survive. navy wants to know what caused a military drone to crash, here on the eastern shore. 44 feet long called the global hawk, and went down around noontime yesterday during a routine training flight after taking off from the naval air
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station, there were no injuries from the crash it was operated by the way by a crew of four from the ground. check the out it cost $176 million to build. someone in a little trouble. >> fox 5 monitoring metro. officials listened to your feedback how they can improve service and safety. metro is now responding to your concerns with its new customer service action plan. >> sherry lee live in northwest with details. good morning. good morning allison and will. >> reporter: this is a 50 points customer service action plan. a lot on metro's plate it was developed through surveys of customers as well as metro employees and they had a long list of complaints on metro rail, bus and metro access service for disabled, safety and security topped the list, customers complained they didn't see enough uniformed officers, another big concern was alerting passengers about problems or delays, so somethings metro is doing to
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fix these problems, add more police and have closed circuit security cameras on all buses by mid-july, improve riding, step up cleaning in rail cars and add real time information. metro access riders confused about fares there will be a calculator and to respond to broken esculators, creating a remote esculator monitoring system. esculators. they are always broken down. it makes it hard on seniors. >> if they work a little more frequently. >> especially when travelling consistently every day. a huge help getting from point a to point b without having to carry tote bags up and down esculators. >> reporter: metro is in the midst of a five year major rehabilitation and replacement project for its esculators the agency now says esculator availability has improved and
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close to 90%, now all of those improvements are going to be phased in some you will see now some implemented in coming months and years. but it will not cost anything additional it is already budgeted this year, and that is good news, for metro's passengers, who are seeing fares go up, starting in july. that is the latest here in dupont circle back to you. massive wild fire, in colorado making headlines this morning, as it continue it is rage out of control. at least one person has been killed more than 100 homes and buildings destroyed, hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes, officials say 600 firefighters are battling flames on the ground and by airment the u.s. force -- air. the u.s. forest service is contracting aircraft from canada, alaska and california to add to its fleet. >> colorado could use some of the rain pounding states on the gulf coast. torential downpours damaged homes closed roads in florida
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panhandle and alabama. authorities say one person drowned in the gulf. this is how things look in pensacola after days of rain. you can see the watt inner the street, is several inches deep that same storm system spun off a tornado that struck southeastern alabama. coming up, you won't believe the easy solution one study finds to cur b junk food cravings. >> there was a catch. >> of course there is. >> an alarming study about young children cutting themselves to cope with stress. dr. wiggens is here to talk about signs and symptoms parents should watch for. we will be right back 
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just in, a man in dc severely hurt after being attacked by twoing thes. it happened near -- two dogs. it happened 6:45 a.m. this morning the victim
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hospitalized, with life threatening wounds, it is unclear what has happened to the dogs. we will stay on top of that one for you. health alert in europe, the continent's center for disease prevention says a new drug resistant strain of gonorrhea is a critical situation. the centers director says the fast spread of the strain indicates gonorrhea may become untreatable in near future. the sexually transmitted disease can cause a number of other health problems includinginfertility in women it is blamed on over use of antibiotics. 3 to 5 year set back for scientists researching autism. a freezer here at harvard university, harvard affiliated hospital in mass, failed and did not set off any awill remembers, 150 brains thawed and decayed, 54 owned by autism speaks. researchers say initial review indicates dna is still intact so samples may be used for genetic research. check this one out if you
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are craving sweet or salty food, welcome to my world you might want to consider taking a nap instead. two studies suggest you are more apt to crave junk food if you have not had enough sleep. areas of the brain most active when looking at healthy and unhealthy food, reward centers of the brain were most active when sleep deprived volunteers saw unhealthy food. >> it all comes back the sleep. yesterday we told you about an alarming study that found children as young as 7 years old intentionally cutting themselves as a way to cope with emotional stress. we had more questions about this, so we called in an expert, joining us with more insight, dr. wiggens works closely with children and young adults she has a private practice in georgetown. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> this was published in
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journal pediatrics and talks really about kids as young as 7, unbelievable, intentionally hurts themselves. >> well, we have known for some time, self-injurious behaviour happens in atless sents, -- adolescence. we need to be aware of these behaviours in children as young as 8 or 9 and the study did range from 7 to 16. >> unbelievable. what is the definition? we thing we know cutting, we've seen this but what exactly is the definition of that? >> self-injurious behaviour deliberate, impulsive, repetitive, nonlethal, injurious behaviour that involves behaviour that is different than suicidal, because the intent is not to die but injury or harm ones self. >> and alts can be burning? >> yes, can involve cutting,
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burning, picking at the skin or hitting ones self >> why would a child do this? >> one thing in our community parents need to understand children are under significant emotional distress. to engage in this kind of behaviour often they are not able to articulate their pain and emotional distress, and it can also indicate or be a sign of a mental disorder that, is treatable by a mental health professional. >> okay. >> if you are a parent and notice occasional what looks like cuts, or maybe burns or picking as you talk about, if you are a parent how do you even open the dialogue up, you just come straight to a person like yourself or do this by opening up this conversation at home. >> well, it even starts before that, creating an environment in the home where, children are
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encouraged to talk about their feelings, and also engage in coping strategies, parents can model, healthy behaviours towards their own body, exercise, and it helps to start earlier, by encouraging helpful behaviours and modeling these such as taking a run or meditation, doing yoga, connecting with family and friends. >> when do you need to seek help when you just can't do it by yourself. >> yes, well, two things, when you see that your child -- you might observe the most common injuries are on the arms and legs, cutting, and it peaks in ninth grade girls they are most at risk. and if you do observe this, it
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is very important to consult a social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist who cannot only try to understand the underlying problems, but diagnose an associated possible mental disorder that might be associated with the problem. the study was small, kids studied in new jersey and also denver do you see this going to national scope? is this happening everywhere? >> yes, we have been observing it in older adolescents the study highlighted it is happening in younger ages. the prevalence is increasing with age, starting about 8% in middle schoolers, and rising to about 20% in high schoolers. >> there is so much more -- so many more questions to ask this. that is our time i want to urge you to go back and watch this segment we showed you tips at home things to lookout for and hopefully you can get some help if you are dealing with this at
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home our website thank you so much for coming in today. >> thank you for having me. >> will over to you. coming up this morning, a principal in new york apparently so proud that her students are bieber fans she decided to ditch a popular american song and replace it with one of his. melanie is getting a work out maybe to justin bieber music. >> check this out. how much fun is this. we have turned on the black lights now, again, the areas only glow in the dark fitness facility there is actually a really neat concept behind it. we will talk more about that when fox 5 morning news continues [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the u.s. naval acad any is on track to set -- academy is on track to set a brand new record. class of 2016 is set to have the largest number of females
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in its history. 295 young women have accepted appointments, the last time the naval academy had a record number of female students was class of 2010 with 272 women. the academy first admitted women in 1976. new york congressman, does not have bieber fever, that is amazing. he is blasting the principal of a public elementary school for playing justin bieber song baby in place of god bless america during kindergarten graduation. so the congressman thinks playing a bieber song instead of god bless america gives an anti american message. >> look the principal was trying to have a little fun. >> for instance pal doesn't want it >> i thought the principal wanted it. >> we will work it out. >> the teacher. >> yeah. >> sorry. >> still ahead.
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>> coffee. >> some body get will coffee. still ahead, a see through potato chip the lengthy process it takes to make these unique treats. >> if you snap you get coffee. is that how it works. [ snapping ] >> then she is back take a look miss maryland is back home after competing in the miss usa pageant. hello. she joins us live in studio, this morning, i am going to chat about her competition with her and find out about those tense moments as the winner is announced we will be right back time 9:25 a.m.  [ horn honks ]
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♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams
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is now deliciously real. all right, take a look at this, it is not a determine toe logical problem. it is a chip it is call add glass chip the secret to getting this see through look
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is a gel made up of potato stock and starch. you boil the potatoes you never use them in the recipe just the stock. the chips are baked and fried in low heat oil and sprinkled the recipe was posted on the site indestructible takes two days to make it if done correctly it was created by a chef at a vancouver restaurant. >> is it health wherever for you? >> -- healthier for you? >> i am hoping fewer calories but i don't think that is the case if it is put in oil. >> it is more about how it might taste than looks. >> if it takes two days to make and made by a chef >> it is pricey. >> yep. >> all right. let's get some of them clear potato chips in our vending machine. >> that's right with herbs. >> any way. >> all right. your forecast, i am surely get that right as we get into the
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afternoon. yeah, thanks allison. >> unless you are wrong about this rain. the moment i said i it looked at allison. there is your rain moving in from the west, not so much here in the city at the moment. we have had showers move through earlier we will have more later today. bring an umbrella. be ready for periods of shower activity maybe a thunder storm too. most of the rain, as mentioned out to the west, manassas, reston. not raining at your house at the moment i promise it will be. again all this pushing off to the north and east, a bit of a break here, to the south. southern maryland, eastern shore, eastern parts of the area, not getting much at the moment. satellite radar let's put it in action. a cold front out to the west, can't really see it out in central ohio, training all that moisture down in florida. parts of florida pick up 20 inches of rain in the past couple days, we are streaming that north, and with cooler and dryer air moving from the west
9:31 am
it will squeeze out the atmosphere. periods of shower activity and again the possibility of a thunderstorm around here late they are afternoon as this whole thing washes through. future cast put it in motion for you, by 1:00 p.m., future cast, indicating moderate shower activity. future cast, trying to get thunderstorm activity south and east of the city later this afternoon then the whole thing out of here tomorrow night. here is the good news wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, in your weekend generally looking bright and sunny. the forecast looks better after a day of rain we need the rain after, it is really dry here for the past week or is. your rainfall forecast, looking at a half inch, an inch of rain here by later this afternoon and tonight. good soaking rain, and get it all out of here by tomorrow morning. forecast, lots of clouds around showers, storms, 80 your daytime high, cooler than we have been.
9:32 am
yesterday up to 90 winds out of the south, 5 to 10. 67 overnight low. early showers and storms, and just cloudy by day break sunshine back in the forecast and tomorrow we will turn into, a mostly sunny afternoon, with lower humidity. so that is good news and there is a nice looking 5 day. thursday could be a shower friday and saturday, lots of sunshine lower humidity high temperatures low to mid-80s. okay that is a look at your weather allison back to you. >> got something for you tucker. a massive swell, at a big wave surfing competition in fiji. some waves measured 30 feet, the unruly waters -- what did you say tuck? >> look at that surf board. it forced competition officials to postpone heats until the water calmed a bit. you can see some surfers didn't want to pass up the opportunity, yeah, check out the board at the top of the wave there. 8 feet long that shows you just how big that wave was but as you can imagine there were a whole lot of broken boards end
9:33 am
of the day. will over to you. >> like me in my california days. allison is like yeah. >> okay. tense ending to the miss usa pageant as miss maryland and miss rhode island awaited results. she didn't take the crown but miss maryland is here to talk about her experience, work as a humanitarian, nana merry weather, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> you bet. talk about the experience the moment you were there with miss rhode island they were reading the winners names. >> well, our director, mine and rhode island we have the same director, so as soon as it was us two i was like oh, my gosh our director must be freaking out they own both our states we were friends coming into it she is such a beautiful girl she will do is well this year. i am excited to have such a great miss usa >> as i understand it you could still become miss usa. >> absolutely. well, as first runner up you
9:34 am
are basically a vice president, if she can't fulfill her duties i take over, and also miss usa has the opportunity to go to miss universe in december if she wins that, i move to new york city and become miss usa. >> so i have to ask you i know folks can't tell this, sitting down you remind me of tyra banks who came in years ago. >> thank you. >> what are you 6'0", 6'1"? >> yeah, 6'1", my dad is 6'3" he was a huge athlete back in the day he broke the record for the 100-yards and still has it. >> go figure i am going to talk about your parents in just a moment. controversy good for pageants. let me ask you about this miss pennsylvania says the miss usa pageant was rigged she claims she spotted the list of final lists on a planning sheet hours before the event was held what do you make of that?
9:35 am
>> well, i was not made privy to such a list and apparently there were rumors backstage that the top five was predetermined. >> so you did hear that the night of the pageant. >> no, i am always the last to know things in high school and even now. i didn't know until it hit the news but the miss universe organization from my experience, treated us so well and professionally there was no hard copies i saw so i am just going off what you guys are going off. >> but later when it hit the news you heard about these rumors. >> yeah, from some other girls. >> nothing substantiated. >> exactly i don't know what to believe i just know we were treated so well it was an experience of a lifetime being a state title holder i have had so many opportunities i am just grateful miss universe gave me that honor. >> let me just add miss universe organization denies
9:36 am
those allegations. >> yes. >> so, talk about your beginnings. usc for graduate work you are a smarty. >> i am my parents inspired me to higher education my mom has a law and business degree, she got her cpa my father was the first african american to go to duke and he is a practicing emergency room doctor i have been inspired to do school from a very young age. >> cow think perhaps you will go -- do you think you go to medical school. >> absolutely. my older sister graduated with honours in human biology from stanford my younger brother is university of southern california premed yeah, the family business. >> you are so impressive. let me ask about your humanitarian work you cofounded a foundation, called the merry weather foundation and your parents partly inspired you correct? >> yes, well, in 1980s, my parents both moved to southern africa, and donated 8 years of
9:37 am
pro bono medical and community work. at that time i was born so i was born into a humanitarian lifestyle from the beginning i have been travelling back to south africa, they have helped over a half million refugees and natives in the 80s in 2007 we started a nonprofit, called merry weather foundation, we are now focused on helping children, in five countries zambia, shim back we, mozambique. >> these are often children with hiv and aids. >> yes, but the most important is nutrition. yeah, we dipence medicines to the children to help make them healthy as well. nana merry weather, miss maryland at least a little while longer until october i get to meet a lot of people on this job you are one of my favorites. >> thank you so much for having
9:38 am
me. >> congratulations again. we will be right back with the buzz bin stay with us 
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cracking open the buzz bin now. country's super star, carrie under wood throwing her support behind gay marriage. she told a british paper she can't imagine what it would be like to be in love with someone whom you could not marry she is married to mike fisher, hockey player, the pair attends a gay friendly church. fellow alum, clay aiken applauded under wood's comment. >> betty white paid a visit to the white house yesterday. the actress and animal advocate met first dog beau and president obama as well. she was there to make a promotional video with other celebs talking about their first jobs. she is is cool i got to meet her once. guess what? >> what? >> i got a kiss from her. from betty white. coming up learning new
9:42 am
skills and taking on new challenges the fitness for health gym, fitness for health gym has someone for everyone. >> up next, melanie alnwick taking us inside plus we will meet some of the clients and hear, how the facility helped their trend. first lauren demarco is taking us to the theatre. >> hey, guys we are live in northwest dc beautiful little theatre, they are playing spring awakening. more of the performance up next on fox 5 morning news does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork.
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welcome back. a play called the spring awakening. let's say it like this together, spring awakening
9:46 am
cause add scandal when first performed back in the 1800s. late 1800s. now you fast forward a century and the musical version to have play, becomes a broadway sensation, with multiple tony awards including best musical. >> the show is in town for the next couple weeks, lauren demarco joins us live at the key began theatre a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning sounds like you guys want to come out here singing there in studio. i am live here at the keagan theatre northwest dc. this is christina copely. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> this is such an adorable theatre when you walk out between all of the homes here, church street, northwest dupont it is a nonprofit you focus on youth here and developing young talent. >> we do. part of our goal here is bringing out the ray nature to ex-- raw nature to explore the human spirit. getting truth and purity out of performances.
9:47 am
>> where do you find this young talent? >> we have a company of actors we will start there but in a production like this where we don't have a lot of young actors we branch out for this in particular we went to local colleges and found some wonderful talent. >> perfect they will perform for us i want to talk to some of the leads alley, paul and vinnie, jersey shore names that is hootches able to remember all that. alley how did you first get into acting? >> i was in like sixth grade when i started my grandparents would take me to shows all the time. we just sort of got into a local theatre group here and i started doing shows there and never stopped. you don't have to be super young to start i always thing you need to be from the time you are a toddler wanting to be on stage but you guys both started during high school. >> yes, i started pretty late because i was also playing baseball and i decided that theatre seemed to be the right
9:48 am
path for me so that is how i started. >> so this play, spring awakening has won eight tonies on broadway you can't see it on broadway any more why not come down here. it is a little bit i said racy earlier, maybe adult themed is a good -- >> yeah. there are somethings you probably don't want to bring young children too. probably most of the show but you want to bring yourself and i think, probably everyone, this season will relate to something that goes on in the show whether they directly relate to it they know someone who has been through it. >> it is about coming of age you thing some of the themes still apply. >> absolutely. based in late 19th century, early 20th century germany but characters are relevant. every character has such depth and such an awakening no pun intended. >> there is a little bit of nudity, girlfriend you comfortable with that? >> everyone asks me that. yeah, we were saying, the other
9:49 am
day i think it is just i am so comfortable with the way that it all goes down and like i feel like i feel really comfortable it just feels natural and it is an important part of the show and doesn't feel wrong at all. >> we will keep it g rated this morning but i will let you do your thing. get in place the ensemble cast of spring awakening performing purple summer before they begin. give us a big wave nora pelka the daughter of our own fox 5s. sue pelka. take it away guys. ♪ [ music ]
9:50 am
i know sue palka is a proud mama today. see the play through sunday july 8th. get your tickets now while they are still available. details on back to you in studio. >> how cool to see nora too. you know sue and joe are watching their daughter, proud parents hi guys i have been in that theater, the acoustics are great. thank you. about a year ago fire destroyed the fitness for health gym. >> it just reopened apparently better than ever and offers training for people of all
9:51 am
ages, sizes and people with disabilities as well. melanie alnwick is getting a lesson this morning hi melanie. >> reporter: hi will. yeah, reopening better than ever. we are here at fitness for health on rockville pike just across from the mall and one thing we have been talking about they have so cool in addition to all the great equipment and cross training they do for your mind and body they also do again i know it sounds crazy but the glow in the dark gym. go ahead and hit the lights please. this is what it looks like and you can see, in addition to having fun with all the cool colors and kids jumping around, there really is an interesting concept, behind all of this. joining me once again, is mark stickle the president here, go ahead and bring the lights up when you are ready. tell me why glow in the dark? >> the concept, if you can dampen your environment around you whatever might be stimulating you, that would be
9:52 am
ambient in your peripheral vision, cut that out that allow yows to focus on whatever that object is. when doing the frisbees all you saw were those and that will allow you to increase that learning curve. >> why does this help people with decreased cognitive function. >> what we can do is add in different types of ways to get the mind to really think. let's say when i was throwing these freeze bees i might have you catch the arm on the right -- frisbees i might have you catch the orange on the right and green on the left. then switch, you have to think same time you are catching it allows you now to get much higher level of brain function >> i know you have a lot of clients who have children with adhd, perhaps autism spectrum disorders as we discussed it is not just for children you are seeing this technique works well for older clients as well
9:53 am
>> right. not only works for the children but we work with a lot of senior, and what does that do? >> david come over. >> this is david, one of my long time clients and so. >> hi there. >> so really what we have done for david, is we have really reintroduced the idea of movement, balance working on his core working on strength but really want to do it in a way where it is more fun than what we consider traditional. conventional ways we look at exercise. >> right david what do you like doing sneer where have you seen this benefit you -- here? with where have you seen this benefit you? whichever >> well, as i mentioned earlier in the last dozen years i have had two knees replaced and a hip replaced so it is necessary for me to work out to stay in any kind of decent shape and i find that, working out improves my circulation immensely, which doctors have told me keeps your brain working well.
9:54 am
>> terrific david thank you so much we got to show you the coolst thing here i am going to duck inside here, you are not going to believe what we will see. tell me what i need to douche >> i want you to do here melanie, manoeuvre your body to get to that flashing light. >> the flashing light in the back. >> yep. >> so really manoeuvre your body see where you are going >> my gorbachev >> gosh. >> why would this be fitness related where is your body now in space. don't worry, that will reset it now. there we go. now what you are trying to do, you are trying to thing now how am i going to go. how will i move my body. how does that relate to exercise, working on that range of motion >> i have to think when that is going up and down. >> you are doing a great job. don't worry. >> this is incredible.
9:55 am
and it is so much fun you guys once again, fitness for health, here on rockville pike something for everybody, i encourage you to check it out and, i thinkly stay here and play a little while longer hope you enjoyed checking this out today  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
9:56 am
[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this.
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one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the statemillionaires like himself... two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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>> look at this picture my baby moving on. if you are a long time viewers, holly morris gave me this big shower on tv that is the child sidney is 11, that is us at her graduation ceremony really emotional last night montgomery county school system look at that smile. at a certain point she is like mom okay you are embarrassing me >> i did it. next one i get a car. >> so that was right there in
9:59 am
the middle of all her friends were around. >> that's great i didn't know they did ceremonies of any kind. >> some people are more elaborate she just got to wear a cute dress. >> what did she get? >> i am thinking about upgrading her phone we will see how that goes. >> good idea. >> we got to make sure we grandfather in the data plan. >> don't over do. you have memories of your fifth grade? >> i do it was a bit traumatic for me because i had to leave, like in april, before my june graduation i went to a different school that is a whole other story. >> a shout out to my -- >> i didn't get to graduate. >> i went to den man day and they hit me they had corporal punishment. weather 80, rain showers in the forecast clear rest of the week fox 5 weather ap get your latest information all your weather information and live radar. look at that 24 hours a


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